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Aang (Sad)

[Obit] Another Master Passes

I haven't posted a 'passing of a master' post for a while, and this one hits closer to home than most. I'm not going to have much to say in this post, since I'm still a bit in shock myself, but we're all trying to get the information out.

The other day, Octavia Butler suffered a stroke and fell down the stairs outside her house. When she was found, she was taken to the hospital and operated on for bleeding in the brain, but to no avail. Though they tried their best, Octavia passed away. (I gather without ever regaining consciousness.)

Many of the folks here at Potlatch are Vanguard folks. And most of the Vanguard folks are sort of in shock; when the news reached us, there were many tears. Octavia was, of course, a Vanguardian, and therefore not just a writer but a friend to nearly all of us.

The worst part was that as the news came in, someone was literally supposed to go pick Octavia up about 45 minutes later so as to bring her by to join everyone for a late lunch.

Some had the pleasure of knowing Octavia a lot longer than I have; I've known her only a year or so, and not as well as I'd have liked. She was always a bit of a hermit. But her (very dark) sense of humor was always refreshing, and I will never forget the way she could captivate an entire room when she told a story in that deep bass voice of hers.

Once the memorial service is planned, I may post details here.

Octavia, you will be sorely missed.