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Laptop, Apple

[Apple] Selling Pixel?

If my aunt doesn't want it (haven't heard back from her yet), I may be putting Pixel up for open sale. ('cause I don't really need two Mac laptops, much as I love Pix.) For the record, Pixel is:

Titanium Powerbook G4, 1Ghz CPU, 1 gig RAM, 60 gig HD
* Powerbook G4 system restore (Jaguar) disc
* Powerbook G4 Hardware Test disc
* Panther (OS X 10.3) install discs
* iLife '04 install discs
* iWork '05 install discs

I'm figuring I'll wipe it clean, install Panther (and probably iLife and iWork), do all software updates, and then sell it. Trying to decide if it'd be best to eBay, Craigslist, or just take it to the Mac store to trade in as a refurb. Opinions?

And yes, I'm still in pain, since I know folks will otherwise ask. Vicodin is my friend, but I tried to skip a dose of it since I know how addictive it is. I discovered why the doctor told me I Really Would Want the painkiller. Gonna try to sleep before it wears off again.
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I think people react differently to vicodin. I was on it daily for almost a month (only thing that would let me sleep) and I never saw the draw of it. It didn't make me 'feel good' which is what I heard from a lot of people. I still have about half a bottle (and a refill) but I don't need it anymore (unless I walk my shins into something, then I cry and take one).

But as a pain killer it worked, I was unimpressed with the hype though.
Never cared for Vicodan. The doc gave me some after I had my wisdom teeth out, but it made me queasy. I went over to using plain Aleve as soon as I could.
Alleve (or plain ol' generic naproxin, same thing only cheaper) is Happy Stuff. I had minor surgery on my foot some years ago and when I got home the local was beginning to wear off. I took two little blue happy pills and was Really Uncomfortable for about fifteen minutes.... and then they kicked in and the pain Went Away and never came back (I kept taking the stuff for about a week, because I could tell if I didn't it was going to hurt, but...) I also used it when I went off the PCA after my surgery this summer. I can't recall it ever actually hurting atall.

I've got a bottle of Vicodin sitting on my meds shelf by my bed that I've never bothered to open. (I pray I never have to.) But I likes my little blue happy pills, I does. I have not had a hurt yet it couldn't lick.

Yea, Vicodin can be addicting; I wonder about my Dad and it sometimes. But then again, he's in a lot of pain a lot of the time.

They gave me Vicodin when I broke my back, and really it didn't help my pain any... it did just make be happy enough to dance around the kitchen singing, "There's a hole in the soffet" for a little bit. But, since it never helped my pain I had no problems getting off of it later.

How much do you think you're going to try to sell Pixel for, too? Just for the record?
Vicodan seriously messed with my mother's sense of time when she took it for her broken leg. When I had it for something else (I can't remember what, actually), I felt slightly buzzed and a lot less pain, then a headache afterwards. Not worth continuing to use - I still have about a third of the bottle left.

As far as the laptop goes, I may be willing to just buy it off you. Mine's slowly degenerating to the point where I don't trust it to stay up and running (if the battery gets jostled slightly, the whole thing locks up), but I'm not sure if I want to get a MacBook yet... A used laptop for a reasonable price could be a good temporary solution.
I know everyone else is asking you to take it easy on the Vicodin, but a friend of my ex-wife's got addicted when the GP made her dosage to unhealthy levels as a result of a typo.

How much do you want for the Powerbook? I'm interested in switching from Windows to OS X.