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[General] And the Geek goes Tumbling Down...

(I need a bandaged-and-injured Sparks userpic for this. Ah, well.)

Today was going well. Lots of work, but took lunch break to meet up with thewronghands and had a great time talking. Then in the evening, seattlenick came by for Sci-Fi Friday. We watched SG-1 and SG:Atlantis, and had gotten about four minutes into BSG when I realized the dog needed another walk.

It was a walk I would not return from unscathed.

Trying to run to tire out the puppy, we turned the corner onto the hill and the puppy suddenly dashed back to see me. Wrapping me in the leash. I tried to hop to the side, the puppy followed, I got tangled in the leash and tripped over the poor puppy, who yelped. (She proved to be fine.) Next thing I knew, I'd gone down a fair chunk of the hill on my face, knee and hands. I lay there, stunned, and the puppy ran up to lick me, whimpering worriedly. Around the time I was approaching home again, I realized suddenly I was in a great deal of pain.

Upon entering the house, I discovered I had taken a small chunk out of my nose, scraped up my knee and hip, and REALLY scraped up my right hand. The right hand was unpleasant, but nothing compared to the left. The left hand, most of the skin on the palm was gone, and it had a just subtly /wrong/ look to it. After some thought (and a lot of rinsing, and Brent helping with a gauze pad while Nick walked the dog again), we piled into a car and went off to the ER.

Whereupon, after a lengthy wait, I discovered my left had not only had a severe abrasion, but second-degree burns from the friction. Hence the subtly wrong look to it. I had not realized this was POSSIBLE, but the doctor said it's more common than you'd think on impacts with concrete at speed.

At any rate, I had to get a tetanus shot, and we had to soak the hand, clear away remaining skin, remove all the little bits of gravel, and put a burn wrap on it and then a bandage atop that. I have a bunch more burn pads, as well as a prescription for a burn cream and for vicodin which I shall have to fill tomorrow. (And man, Potlatch is going to be fun with my hands bandaged...)

For now, sleep, especially as I've bled through pad and bandage again. Bleh.

Not my favorite night so far...
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