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FF Sparks (Casual)

It's a small world...

Scary Moment of the Day #1: Discovering that your division boss - old enough to be your father - watches anime music videos.
Scary Moment of the Day #2: Discovering that he's watching videos by one of your friends from the MU* world.
Scary Moment of the Day #3: Discovering that he is the FATHER of the aforementioned online friend.




Dude. That is crazy! Pretty cool, though. But weeird.


That IS scary. ;)

Kinda cool, but really, really scary!

Re: Woah!

What scares me more is that his son is the same age I am, and my boss was saying, 'so, do you like <something>? My son likes that. He also likes <something-else>, how about you?' I'm sure he was just trying to be social, but... aiiie!

After all, my boss knows my salary and my employability options, so I assume he knows I would not be a moocher-GF for his son... *boggle* Still, I'm sure that wasn't it. I mean, what else other than work is he going to talk to me about? He's old enough to be my dad!