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[Apple] MacBook Pro, first thoughts

Okay, I've had Duo for a day now, so it's time to post a few 'first thoughts' on the MacBook Pro.

First, the bad: there are some things which just aren't available as Universal binaries yet, and some of them are things I consider necessities. The big one is Volume Logic, the Octiv (now Plantronics) plugin for iTunes. I haven't yet grabbed a PowerPC installer for it to see if the PowerPC plugin will still work under Intel iTunes, but my gut feeling is that it would be less than optimal. This makes me sad. Similarly, a few Safari/WebKit plugins I like are also not yet available in Universal.

However, a lot of my 'necessary' stuff (Synergy, Intego NetBarrier X, Intego VirusBarrier X, Adium X, etc.) is available in Universal Binary format, and works seamlessly. The few apps which are not (Xjournal, RealPlayer, Microsoft Office, etc.) seem to run just fine under Rosetta. Now, Rosetta /is/ noticeably a bit slower, but we're talking 'a PowerPC app under Rosetta runs slightly faster than my 1Ghz Powerbook G4 with 1 gig of RAM ran it.' Which, yes, is a step down from Duo's full two 2Ghz processors, but nonetheless is pretty darn impressive for emulation.

Native apps, however, just smoke everything. Xcode is a literal joy to use, especially since it uses both CPUs for compiling things.

In all, Rosetta makes PowerPC work painless enough that the transition hasn't really had many hiccups; the only thing irritating me is the lack of a Universal Binary for Volume Logic. In all, the whole jump to Intel is not particularly noticeable at first glance, at least after only a day of use.

Guess we'll see if I run into bigger problems going forward, but so far Duo's already replaced Pixel as my main laptop.
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I almost bought a MacBook Pro for my fiancee for Valentine's Day, but she opted for a 12.1" PowerBook instead. :/