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Laptop, Apple

[Geek] Whoooooo!









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Aw. :(

Don't be a h8r!
I guess I won't be, considering I'm gonna get one with my tax refund.

Still, you didn't even have to pay for yours.
Have fun and tell us what you think of it! (Also, lunch tomorrow?)
Tomorrow's not good: Thursdays are always rough, since that's a busy day for me. (Work, need to pick up food for horses, need to go to riding right from work, etc.) Friday? In a pinch, Thursday's doable, but lunch would have to be kinda short.
Friday works for me. What time, and where shall I meet you? I'll bring those books I've been meaning to lend you. [grin]
Depends what you want to do. My usual lunch is walking to Subway with the dog, grabbing a sandwich, walking the dog home, then walking to Peet's for a chai and eating my sandwich. In a pinch, I can do Blue C Sushi or something else like the PCC deli, though. :)

As a side note, did you still need to borrow Pixel, now that I have the MacBook Pro? I'll probably wipe it clean before too long, and may be selling it next month. Dunno yet. But if you still needed it for forensics work on your own laptop, let me know.
I could meet you at Subway and walk with you to chai. [grin] Where's the Subway?

And no, I'm good with the laptop. (It's fine now, and I can analyze the disks I've got from my fresh install.) Thanks for the offer, though.
Well, I walk home first, give the doggy lunch, then walk to chai. But the Subway is on the corner of Stone Way and... uh... 34th, I think it is. The waterfront street, anyway. :)

And okay, cool on the laptop.
Lucky. The fastest Mac I have is a used LC-II that I maxed out the ram in. (4MB onboard + 2x4MB sticks = 10MB according to it...)
w00t, indeedy.

Although I do wish AMD had gone after that...

Lucky. Luckyluckylucky.
It's a nice machine so far. Oh, my god, the compiles... two 2Ghz CPUs, with 2 gigs of RAM... compiling code is like, blink, DONE! I am in heaven.
Wooo. Shiny! Sleek! Fast! Desirable! Want one! Want one! Want one!

Alas, the trusty Mastercard is maxed out after buying the Christmas airplane tickets two weeks ago :-(

Also, as my wife would be quick to point out, I already have a 12-inch PowerBook G4, and why would I want another laptop?

Well, let's see ... shiny ... sleek .... fast ...

Anyhow, enjoy your new toy essential work-related purchase.
Two 2Ghz CPUs, 2 gigs of RAM.

Reason enough right there. Oh, my, do compiles just FLY past...
Hey, no fair, taunting a fellow geek!