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FF Sparks (Casual)

Haha! :)

I love my co-workers. We're having a dispute about coding style... one of the perennial arguments of coding is over brace-placement. Some people argue for:

    if (something)

While others argue for:

    if (something) {

It's a silly argument, but a constant one throughout the programming world. We use the first form here at work, but Troy, Brad and I think we should use the second. We had an amusing argument, where John vehemently said he preferred the first, which provoked the following exchange:

Brad: Ah! *laughing* So, you're saying your programming philosophy is the 'crazy' philosophy, John?
John: *laughing* Hey, now! I prefer 'psycho'.
Brad: More politically correct?
John: No. More dramatic! *makes an 'evil' face at Brad*

This is why I love my team. :)


Heh. I use both, personally. I do the first one if I'm in VC6 or something that does auto-tabbing of braces and stuff. If I'm working in, like, Pico, I'll do the second one. :>


Hee. I remember wrestling with VC++ to get it to accept the second form. :)


Second all the way! Whoo!

I think that expresses my opinion well enough. ^_~

I find that the first doesn't really provide additional information or clarity. Just more lines.