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Puppy, Claire

[Puppy] Sick Puppy, Tired Mommy

Finished up work at about 11:30pm. Was going to go to bed. Heard puppy crying.

Puppy had serious indigestion. She must've eaten some of the red berries that grow on the bushes edging the neighbor's yard... when she did that once before, she got queasy. But I sat with her until, well, just a little while ago, while she cried and whimpered at the tummy pains.

Finally, she puked up part of her dinner and a bunch of little red berry bits, and then seemed happy again. She curled up and went right to sleep contentedly, snoring. Now I get to sleep. For four hours.


Hopefully she's learned her lesson about those berries. But I probably should call the vet tomorrow just to be safe. Bleh.


Here's to hoping the puppy suffers no further effects from the berries and doesn't go near the berries again.