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Working, Desk

[Work] You May Be A Workaholic If...

Your first clue that you might be a workaholic is when you have a day off, and spend it doing a bunch of work-code for the Top Sekrit Work Project anyway, and putting together a TODO list of what you need to do for minor bugfixes in the Already Existing Public Project.

What's really sad, however, is when you IM your boss to leave a note about the code you're working on? And discover he, too, is in and working on code over his holiday.

Other realizations: it is somewhat frustrating to spend several days hacking together a complex method to exchange data between two components, and then discover that the library you're using has (poorly documented and unadvertised) methods to do PRECISELY THIS. Argh.

Off to lunch.


You need to stop workin' so much. ;)
This is out of the blue, I know, but I remember seeing you post in the Mac communities and noted that you were from the Seattle area.

Not sure how up-to-date your resume is, or if you are looking for work at all, but I recently started with a software developer in the Seattle area that is looking for Mac folks. Mac software jobs are a rare opportunity, and I figured I would drop you a comment and see if you were looking for work at all.

It's with a certain large (some might say, the largest) software developer in Redmond... if you get my drift. I'm not a recruiter (I'm actually an SDET.) but the recruiter people are always bugging us to send them leads if we know anyone, and since quality Mac people are hard to come by, I thought I would mention it.

Anyways, email me if you get a chance, jleblanc@gmail.com
My resumé is pretty out of date, really. Quicksilver tanked a few years ago, and I ended up at a small company called Cerulean Studios, working on a Windows instant messaging package called Trillian.

Yeah, it's been pretty much Windows work, as opposed to Cocoa (where my heart lies, and where my non-work programming is generally done), but the company's good and I'm enjoying work on our newer Top Sekrit Project. I am therefore disinclined to leave.

I do appreciate the offer, though. :)