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Laptop, Apple

[Mac OS X] VoodooPad

VoodooPad is perhaps one of the coolest things I've seen for a while. It's a lovely, pure Cocoa native application... that is a personalized wiki specifically for note-taking and brainstorming.

I've been using StickyBrain for my random note taking and organization, but I'm wiki-mental enough that I might switch to VoodooPad.

That is all.
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Oh SWEET. I've been mulling over installing phpwiki for this purpose for awhile now but this is MUCH better.
I've toyed with the free trial a bit now. It's not necessarily as powerful as (for instance) MediaWiki can be, but for note-taking, it's about seventeen trillion times more convenient than actually editing in raw Wiki markup. It's sort of like TextEdit's RTF mode, only with automatic Wikification. Best of all, it can export into web pages, so you can dump a namespace of your VoodooPad right into HTML to let someone else refer to it.

I'm toying with the companion program FlySketch, too, and actually finding it astonishingly useful. (It's a service that pops up a very easy-to-use but powerful sketching tool, and then dumps the image back into the source program. Lets you do Illustrator-style drawings in any program that supports pasting images.)

I may get the bundle.
I used it heavily today to take notes for a tutorial I'm writing and found it incredibly useful. I am definitely buying this.