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[Writing] The Waiting Game and Other Forms of Madness

So, right now, I'm waiting for the rejection letter from F&SF for Clockwork Tiger. This isn't being pessimistic, it's being realistic. F&SF is very high-profile and has very high standards to meet. Despite this, they have two things going in their favor in my opinion: first, they have a very fast turnaround time (between 8-20 days, which is stunning for someone who still handles all their submissions via snail mail), and second, they still do personalized rejections that include the reasons they chose not to purchase the story.

So I see no reason not to submit things to F&SF first. At worst, it comes back quickly and I have something to think about. At best, hey, someday it might sell. But I do not expect Clockwork Tiger to be that sale!

I'm also still waiting to hear back from the publisher about whether or not they want The Last Page. Though Vonda assures me that with this particular publisher, I shouldn't worry until at least a year on.

I was also going through stuff from Annacon, and I found several notes from other folks about my comments/feedback on their stories being useful. I'm wondering whether I'm just less willing to pull my punches than other critiquers, or something. I really do write down all the things I think are wrong, though I also write down what I think is right. Are people just less willing to criticize things in many venues? If so, seems like a lot of the critique/feedback venues are, well, somewhat less than useful.

I also just realized I probably should have posted this in alexpiper instead.

Ah, well. Sleep now, for me.

(And, okay, iTunes shuffle mode seems to really like 'Shiver' tonight...)
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