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[General] Happy New Year

Went to the Vanguard New Year party, hung out with Vonda and Scott and Kate and Jordin and Mary Kay and too many others to name. Chatted, had some very good mini-bagels and lox, avoided the alcohol, and went home at about 11:30 to check on the puppy. Ended up watching the Space Needle fireworks show on the TV with Claire curled up in my lap. Put her to bed a little while ago, finishing up a few things and going to bed myself shortly.

Happy New Year, everyone. (Or, I suppose "Hoppy GNU/Beer" for technoshaman.)


hee hee hee. Panda Hippo Gnu Deer to you, too. :)
Dank yew berry mulch.
*lol* You're *sure* you didn't hit the booze? ;)
Really, no, I didn't. Though I considered downing the last hard cider in the fridge.

This was just my usual silly 'Zank yuu berry mulch' turned into something all vaguely plant-related, to make a theme-thing like your animal one.

(Well, 'dank' describes some rainforests...)
I'm *teasing*. :) Now, to bed with both of us... :)

(mmm, cider.... :)
So what was it that you were explaining to Vonda after I got pulled into another conversation? I caught bits of tech neep-neep, think there was a bit on stacks.

How it's possible for something to use malformed data -- 'safe' data like, say, pictures -- to take over a computer if a program has a flaw.

(I.e., explaining the recent critical Windows bug, the one where displaying a malformed Windows MetaFile on a webpage can cause arbitrary code contained in the picture to execute, and how there are already 70+ variants of spyware being installed through this security hole.)
OK, thanks. Caught just enough to hear geekness. I've been doing similar explaining recently and in the past.

(and why am I not surprised that you're another reader of Girl Genius?)

'cause I'm a steampunk fanatic? :)
The only reason? (but a good one)