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[Life] Grey Hogmanay

Am feeling sort of down and bleh today, partly because I didn't get a lot of sleep last night, and partly because plans with friends I had been looking forward to kind of fell apart. Ah, well.

Got up and took the dog out this morning, walked, played, and then lay down on the couch with her to watch TiVo'd forensics shows for a bit. Then we did another walk, then we went to Petco. At Petco we picked up a pretty new collar (with Taoist emblems embroidered on it!) to replace the one she broke which has been temporarily mended, a nice walking-collar, a sturdy flex leash, and a little dispenser to attach to the leash handle of doggy-bags for poop-scooping when walking her. Then we went for another walk, played more, and finally the puppy tired out and keeled over to nap. I went and did lunch.

On the way, met another little Corgi named 'Mrs. Peel.' She's not much bigger than Claire, but that may be partly because she's not a fluffy. She was very friendly, and I talked to her owners for a bit. Then I went and got tea at Peet's while I edited shadowfey's manuscript a bit. (Yay, red pens.) While at Peet's, I chatted a bunch with Ben over SMS.

After Peet's, went to PCC to do some grocery shopping. On the way out, I ran into Niko. Niko is the little German Shepherd puppy a few weeks younger than Claire who is one of Claire's friends. But since his folks don't live in Fremont -- only shop and visit it -- we don't see Niko more than once a week or so. He's gotten pretty big, but he was happy to see me. I knelt down to pet him, and -- being a dairy fiend -- he smelled the chai on my breath and tried to lick my lips.

Unfortunately, he's in that awkward, ungainly 'I grew faster than my reflexes have' stage. And so in trying to lick my face, he bit my nose. He immediately looked contrite and rolled over to display his neck, going 'you're dominant I'm sorry I'm sorry,' but I walked home bleeding. Whee.

Puppy's out on the floor chewing on a little meat-treat. I'm trying to decide if I should just stay home tonight with her, or if I should go to the Vanguard New Year party for a little bit.
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