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One of those days...

So. It's just been one of those days.

First of all, I discover that I've chased a friend off of one game. She happens to run a game competing with one I play on (though I think the idea of 'competition' between MU* is stupid). When she was discussing some things about her game back on Sunday on a little social hangout we're both on, I piped up with some about the game I was playing on, just in a sort of generally social way. A, 'well, this is going on...' sort of discussion. She got snippy about not wanting to hear about 'that other game'. I told her that was fine, but then I was logging out so I didn't need to hear a discussion where anything I had to contribute would upset her. When I logged back in later, she wasn't on...and hasn't been, since then. *sigh* I suspect she feels a little betrayed because here's a friend playing on 'the competition', as a feature no less, after turning down an invitation to try and come play on her game.

Then I find out (in part by wandering friends lists) that there's been a dispute on the game I do play on, and one player has been bad-mouthing one of the faculty-players, and then snarking at another player who I regard as a friend. Happy fun.

Then I find out, admittedly only second-hand at the moment, that another friend of mine has just been kicked off of the game I play on.

My mood is now, officially, crashing. Going-down-in-flames use-your-seat-cushion-as-a-useless-floatation-device crashing. *sigh* I'm sure I'll be fine again later, but it's just still sort of disheartening. I MU* because I want to enjoy playing around with other people, writing a collaborative story. I don't understand this fascination with inter-game bashing and conflicts, I don't understand the reasoning behind bashing other players, I just don't /get/ it. The games are around to have FUN! Why can't we just DO that?

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