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FF Sparks (Casual)

One of those days...

So. It's just been one of those days.

First of all, I discover that I've chased a friend off of one game. She happens to run a game competing with one I play on (though I think the idea of 'competition' between MU* is stupid). When she was discussing some things about her game back on Sunday on a little social hangout we're both on, I piped up with some about the game I was playing on, just in a sort of generally social way. A, 'well, this is going on...' sort of discussion. She got snippy about not wanting to hear about 'that other game'. I told her that was fine, but then I was logging out so I didn't need to hear a discussion where anything I had to contribute would upset her. When I logged back in later, she wasn't on...and hasn't been, since then. *sigh* I suspect she feels a little betrayed because here's a friend playing on 'the competition', as a feature no less, after turning down an invitation to try and come play on her game.

Then I find out (in part by wandering friends lists) that there's been a dispute on the game I do play on, and one player has been bad-mouthing one of the faculty-players, and then snarking at another player who I regard as a friend. Happy fun.

Then I find out, admittedly only second-hand at the moment, that another friend of mine has just been kicked off of the game I play on.

My mood is now, officially, crashing. Going-down-in-flames use-your-seat-cushion-as-a-useless-floatation-device crashing. *sigh* I'm sure I'll be fine again later, but it's just still sort of disheartening. I MU* because I want to enjoy playing around with other people, writing a collaborative story. I don't understand this fascination with inter-game bashing and conflicts, I don't understand the reasoning behind bashing other players, I just don't /get/ it. The games are around to have FUN! Why can't we just DO that?



Some people cannot be purely ICly competitive. They bring their baggage along for the ride when the instructions specifically state to leave it at the door.

Granted, it's not easy; leaving baggage behind is hard for everyone. But the more there is, the more chance the plane's never gonna get off the ground, the ocean liner's gonna hit that iceberg, and in general, a good time will NOT be had by all.

We're all guilty of it to some extent at some time. It's the ones who habitually cannot move past their real lives to enjoy the fantasy that should not be sold the boarding pass. Unfortunately, too often, they look just like me or you. And even one bad day can sometimes be enough.

But too many people use it as a crutch and an excuse, instead of as a self-actualization tool, to use the polite, friendly shrink words.

Unfortunately, for those of us who are a little higher up on the mountain peaks looking down, it's very frustrating when they lose their grip - especially when it threatens to drag us down with 'em.

Cheer up, it's only life. It ain't nohows permanent.


SUGOI metaphor da! Shadowfey no vocabulary KAKKOI desu! </cute voice>

It could be the lack of sleep and the flu medication talking there. I was striving to find a way to be amused this morning. Thank you for providing it.

Out of deference to Sparks' journal instead of mine, though, I'll say that sometimes, Rach, and this does not mean I think Fey hasn't mad some very valid points, people are JUST JERKS. I'm sure we've had this conversation many times. As much as we may be miserable about our pasts and struggle to find some deeper meaning as to why people are assholes 24/7 with no seemingly valid psychological supporting evidence (and if you'll notice the state of the world at Improfanfic right now, I am becoming ever so well-versed in this), occasionally we have to step back, say "I'm overanalyzing!", and realize Person (X) is just a jerk. Jerk jerk jerk. Jerk jerk jerk JERK.

As I said in RP this week past elsewhere (gasp) than HPM: "Occasionally, Jacqueline, it would be nice if you saw something for what it is, rather than what you think it ought to look like."

Re: *snicker*

Well, yeah, some people -are- just jerks. Wastes of oxygen, of every possible resource, meat to be wasted, whatever. I can't really argue.

The terrible grammar is because it's a quote from Pogo. 'Don't take life so serious-like, son. It ain't nohows permanent.' Porkypine talking to Albert the Alligator at Albert's trial on suspicion of having murdered the Pup-Dog, if I recall correctly.

But hey, it's now about noon EST, I'm -still- up, what do you want from me? :)


MU*ers are psycho. :> But they make entertaining SimCitizens, so let's not imply that any of them are worthless here or anything.
I ahve basically 'lived' on one MU* for the last 7 years, and I enjoy spending time there every chance I get. Conflict is inevitable in some cases, and can be quite amusing ;-). However I'm sorta nervous cause the mud has been down for the last 3 days, hopefully will be up soon...

Coren Fishbait, Lord of Weenies, Druid Leader of Nightmare LpMud. (and yes I've never gotten a charcater above lvl 39, was once known as the Eternal newbie)