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[Geek] The TARDIS Before Christmas

rachuk insists I must post this. A "The Night Before Christmas" parody in honor of "Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion"

The TARDIS Before Christmas
Rachel Blackman

'twas the night before Christmas,
and through the timestream,
not a villain was stirring;
'twas the Doctor's dream!
The Daleks were vanquished,
the Autons were dead.
Not even a Slitheen dared show its head!

When up on the console, there were energy tracks!
Earth was being invaded by the Sycorax!
The tree was a death-trap, the Santas shot flame!
But the poor scrambled Doctor barely knew his own name!

The man on the screen of BBC News,
said the British space program had nothing to lose.
When what did the stunned TV viewers now see,
but an alien monster, unlike you or me!

As slowly as zombies, the people now walked!
Up to the rooftops! (Though there they balked.)
Neighbors and UNIT, (but not Captain Jack).
Even the royal family fell to this attack!

...I haven't come up with more yet. :P
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