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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Music] Happiness

My dad gave me a copy tonight of '1' -- which was, of course, immediately sucked into both iTunes and from there, my iPod.

The reason this is a cause for such happiness -- other than general 'yay, more Beatles in my iPod!' -- is that I now finally have a copy on something other than cassette tape of what is quite possibly my favorite Beatles song (and, for that matter, quite possibly one of my favorite songs of all time).

The answer to 'which song is that' is, of course, in the 'current music' field.


"Help!" is a great song for just bouncing around and singing along with; I really do like it. But again, it just doesn't come close to replacing 'Let It Be' for me. I can't even really articulate why that's probably my favorite song, but there's something about it that's always stood out.

But yes, "Cry Baby Cry" is vastly underrated. :(
"Let It Be" is lovely, it cannot be denied. The first time I watched the "Beatles Anthology" all the way through, I got to the end, where they're breaking up, and they played that song, and I cried.