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[Geek] Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion

Those who know me well know that my one true, beloved fandom ever since I was a child has been Doctor Who. I have a little toy K-9 stuck to my computer monitor, and somewhere I have action figures of the Fourth, Fifth and Seventh Doctors. I own the giant reference book that has an episode summary of every single episode in the original 26 seasons, as well as a reference of all the alien races that the Doctor encountered. And while I'm generally not evangelical about it, the series has always had a special place in my heart. (DESPITE my father mocking me for years over my love of an incredibly low-budget British SF series.)

And now, I just finished watching 'The Christmas Invasion,' the first adventure of the Tenth Doctor (David Tennant), which aired on CBC tonight. I love living in Seattle and being able to get Vancouver stations.

I still do think Christopher Eccleston was an excellent Doctor, but David Tennant definitely has the Doctor's energy down. The manic post-regeneration confusion that struck (among others) the Fifth Doctor, the righteous fury the Doctor is capable of when moral lines are crossed, and so on. And he's a more vindictive Doctor in some ways, less forgiving than most have been, though the streak has always been there.

The special itself was wonderful. There were plenty of humorous moments at the beginning. Particularly the alien Santas with flame-throwing trombones and Jackie's horrified squeak of "I'm going to be killed by a Christmas Tree!" though also Jackie's querying of the Doctor with, "What d'you need?" "I... I need..." "Something simple? Cup of tea, bowl of soup?" "I NEED YOU TO SHUT UP!" "He doesn't seem to have changed that much t'me." Also the running joke of Harriet Jones introducing herself to everyone as 'Harriet Jones, Prime Minister' only to be told, 'Yes, we know who you are.'

The more serious moments were, however, also very much what we've come to expect from Russell T. Davies. Some very emotional moments as Rose looks at the Doctor laying in bed sick and, sobbing, comments, "The Doctor wouldn't do this. The right Doctor, MY Doctor... he wouldn't just lay there. He'd get up and DO something..."

The ending, however, definitely set us up for the next season. And the preview at the end -- the return of Sarah Jane and K-9, the return of the Cybermen, and Anthony Stewart Head looking unbelievably sinister, creepy and evil -- definitely makes me look forward to season 28 (or season 2, for those who count from the beginning of Christopher Eccleston's run).

Now, how to pass the time until the new season?! (When DOES that start? April? Gaaah!)
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