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[Bookgeek] Things I Will Never Have

ABE Books is a very dangerous site to browse.

First edition of 'The Hobbit,' signed by author (J.R.R. Tolkien) and inscribed to a friend (Stella Mills, whose work on Icelandic myth helped inspire the world of Middle Earth) -- $47,500

First paperback boxed set of 'The Lord of the Rings,' signed by author (J.R.R. Tolkien) -- $13,380

An 1861 edition of 'The Woman in White,' signed by the author (Wilkie Collins) -- $7500

A 1919 first edition of 'My Man Jeeves,' with a bookplate signed by the author (P.G. Wodehouse) -- $5000.

1961 first edition of 'Ice in the Bedroom' with a silly inscription by the author (P.G. Wodehouse) of 'Senile Good Wishes from octogenarian P.G. Wodehouse' -- $2667

An 1863 edition of 'Orley Farm,' signed by the author (Anthony Trollope) -- $1500

1954 edition of 'The Return of Jeeves,' signed by the author (P.G. Wodehouse) -- $850

...now, I'm perfectly happy with even modern paperback editions of things. But there's something to be said -- just for instance -- about the wonder of being able to hold an edition of Trollope that was once handled, and signed, by the author himself.

(Actually, though, two of the three I would most want are the two cheapest ones. The other, which likely comes as no surprise to those who know me well, would be the autographed Collins.)

If I ever win the lottery...
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This is how I feel when I'm in a record store and they have, say, Nirvana's "Bleach" on first-printing white vinyl from 1988.
I think the record store by my house DOES...

Fremont is where I'd expect to find one.
Well... yes. We DO have two very good used vinyl stores. :)
So like, I think my Mom once had a first or second print copy of Gone With The Wind. I really wish my Uncle didn't take it back when she passed away.

On a completely different side note, I shall be visiting Seattle Jan 5th - 8th. I'll be free most of Friday day if you wanted to get lunch or something :)
My grandmother had the red-leather-bound hardcover box set of the Lord of the Rings. My mother wanted to sell it when we were going through the house after grandmother's death in 2004. My aunt and I both thought she was insane. (My aunt took the Tolkien. I got grandpa's complete set of Pogo books, though.)

And yes! We must meet for lunch. It has been too long, "cuz." :)
Those are up there with mine, which mock me every year at Dragon*Con, namely a first edition hardback Stranger in a Strange Land signed by Heinlein, and a first edition paperback Neuromancer, singed by Gibson.

However, if I ever win the lottery, I'll get you the non-Wodehouse ones. I'd have to get those for my mother.
Autographed Wodehouse actually isn't terribly hard to find over here. After he moved to the states, "Plum" evidently got very into signing books and kept it right on up until he died in 1975.

The autographed Trollope and Collins, though... I've never even seen autographed Collins LISTED before, and Trollope only once.