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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Geek] Christmas Invasion

I'll post more about my holiday later. But in the meantime, a public service announcement...

To all the other North American Whovians on my flist, a reminder that Doctor Who: The Christmas Invasion airs tonight on CBC. The first adventure of the Tenth Doctor!

To those who use TiVo or similar DVR tech, it's worth noting that it is NOT listed as 'Doctor Who' but seems to be listed as either 'Doctor Who's Christmas Invasion' or 'The Christmas Invasion' -- thus, even if you have a season pass to 'Doctor Who,' if you don't manually select it in the listings it might not record!

And that would probably make people sad. :(
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And it's very, very good. Us Lucky Brits got it on Xmas day. :)

David Tennant seems to make a very good Doctor! Watch for the Lion King reference, it had me cracking up!
If you spoiler, I feed you to Daleks.

Consider this fair warning. :)
Any chance of getting a recording of that?

We should get together soon anyway; I have stuff to get back, and a yen for more Heris Serrano and friends...
Hee. I'll have to dig around and see if I can find the next one. I did loan you all three of the Herris Serrano books, right? (Viewpoint character changes for the next book in the Serrano Legacy, as it goes into an internal military plotline. Though Herris et al still play roles.)

And I'll leave the Christmas Invasion TiVo'd so I can tape it for those who miss. But if you haven't seen the Ninth Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) yet, I suspect you won't really appreciate this quite as much. :)
Has there been any word on what they're going to do when they hit Incarnation 12? I've been wondering about that since back in the Peter Davidson days (and also if it means 12 different bodies, or 12 re-vampings which would mean 13 different bodies), and even moreso when taken in the light of how hard it was for The Master to try to beat the system.

That could be one downfall of a Dr.Who resurgence; get folks all hyped up again and then make sure the last actor can stick around longer than Tom Baker.
Time Lords get twelve regenerations, which means thirteen Doctors. However, it has been established in the past ('Trial of a Time Lord') that at his 12th regeneration, the Doctor may turn evil. We know this because his potential evil 13th self, the Valeyard, has meddled in the Doctor's affairs before, trying to ensure his own existence (or gain more regenerations).

It has ALSO been established that a Time Lord can be granted a new set of regenerations. The Council tried to bribe the Master (who had run out of regenerations) with a new set of regenerations (in 'The Five Doctors').

And given that the Master is rumored to be appearing in the new series with a new actor, presumably he somehow /did/ gain a new set of regenerations. So, presumably if Doctor Who /does/ run that long, there's still an out to grant a Fourteenth Doctor.

(You know, it's sad that I'm a casual fan of so many things, and then I can reel off episode titles like this for Doctor Who. We can see where my true fannish heart lays...)