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Puppy, Claire

[General] Lunchtime Encounters

On the way back from lunch, I ran into Buster. Buster is the American Standard poodle only a couple weeks younger than Claire who lives behind us. Buster is one of Claire's puppy-pals; Buster used to be much smaller than Claire, and he still defers to Claire even though he's now three times her size. They love to play when they encounter each other.

I didn't have Claire with me. Buster was most perturbed. He tried to climb up me and peek in my pockets in case Claire was hidden in one. When he accepted that no, Claire really wasn't with me, I received much face-licking in greeting. Lots of puppy-love.

It really is funny how quickly I've gotten to know all the other dog owners in the neighborhood, and they've gotten to know me. Claire is happy to play (tag, tussle, or even just lay down next to each other) with any other dog, so pretty much all the neighborhood dogs love her. Well, Mischka (the giant German Shepherd at Gypsy Trader) is fond of Claire, but gets this long-suffering 'oh, god, doesn't she ever get TIRED' look when she sees Claire come through the door into the shop.


Hee. That's the reaction my husband's german shepherd/chow gets whenever he sees my daughter's hyperactive mini-doxies heading for him.. a look of total resignation and despair that invariably ends with Coach pinning little Parker to the floor with one draped foreleg!