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Cute, FF Sparks (Girly)

[Geek] Everybody Loves Magical Trevor...

I had overlooked this somehow, but there are Weebl and Bob plushies now. In fact, there are plushies of the most notable characters from all the Weebl cartoons -- Weebl and Bob, Magical Trevor (and everybody loves Magical Trevor!), the Kenya lion, the Kenya tiger, the Badger (alas no mushroom or snake), and Chris the Ninja Pirate.



OMG!! SO cute!!!
... and blast, it'd show up after Xmas.

Shame, too. Kidlet is a big Weebl and Bob fan. Ah well, maybe for her birthday in March... :)
PIE!!! *EG*

(Not that I know anything else about it, just I've seen ijk's icon... :)

(I take it that this isn't the same badger as is associated with mushroom (mushroom), nor is that badger Breezy.... )
No, it IS the badger from 'badger badger badger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM.' That's a Weebls toon also.
That explains a LOT.
Oh believe me...if I'm any judge of such things, there were more than enough mushrooms involved when they thought this stuff up...

Come to Kenya, we've got lions!

Excellent. My wife adores the Kenya lion and tiger. I had no idea you could buy plushies. Thanks for passing on that link!