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[Random] Links of Doooooom

I have my Inflection back. My beloved fountain pen is returned to me, back from convalescing in the UK! I still love my pretty purple Cross ATX, but the 'tranquil blue' Inflection is my first, true pen love. :P

Anyway, two random links.

Independent Game Developers Contest entries are available for download. 'Pakimono' in particular stands out: it's described by one reviewer as 'Like Katamari Damacy, only with more naked.' (The idea is to jump in front of Japanese tourists taking pictures of notable sights, and to do so... naked.) Some of the games have Windows versions too, though not all. (Pakimono does. Fear.)

Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead, found via ironman. This is a new stage production based on 'Peanuts,' though as it's unauthorized, they've altered the names of the characters to keep from being sued dizzy. (Charlie Brown is 'CB,' Linus Van Pelt is 'Van,' etc.) Evidently, it takes place when they're teenagers going through typical teenage high school angst and drama, while CB is dealing with the fact that his beloved pet dog is dying of rabies. Oooooh...kay. Notably, Eliza Dushka is playing Lucy Van Pelt... er, sorry, "Van's Sister." Reviews say it's brilliant. I'm slightly scared. If I were still going to New York, though, I think I would have tried to see it out of morbid curiosity.
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