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[Health] Sick and no New York

So, as seemed likely, I'm not on my way to New York. I'm still too sick. The fever did finally break late yesterday, after two days of antivirals. (This also means I'm no longer contagious, according to the doctor, so good on that.) However, I still feel like I was run over by a truck, and I'm still coughing up little chunks of green goop from in my lungs, which is not terribly fun. Supposedly I'll feel more like myself after five days of this 'Tamiflu' antiviral. But right now, I find even going up and down the stairs an exhausting process.

(In fairness, it IS three floors from the living room/kitchen to my bedroom!)

I'm still kind of bummed. I was looking forward to seeing all my co-workers in person again, and getting to see the tree in Rockefeller Square, and going to see the antiquities exhibit at the Met, and so on. But I agree that flying, I would've been miserable.

mindyklasky pointed out in comments to the last post that I should look on the bright side, that I'm dodging the horrible weather on the east coast right now. And my mother pointed out that now New York has a transit strike going on, so anywhere I wanted to go while there, I would have had to walk. I'm sure that it would have helped get over the flu ever so much faster.

Still, fooie. Ah, well. Laying in bed with a book, and hoping I can finish coughing this gunk out of my lungs sometime soon. It's actually triggered my asthma, to the point that the doctor made me renew my rescue inhaler... foo. Not fun.
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