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Glare, Grouchy

[Health] Influenza...

Wow. Murphy's out enforcing his law enthusiastically today.

Felt yucky last night, today I woke up with a fever of 103 degrees, to find that Noderunner had keeled over. I was receiving e-mails and text-messages and frantic IMs from my users, left and right. Had to muddle through getting it back up while bleary; turned out to be a dead IDE controller. Bleh.

Using Aleve and taking a cold bath, I managed to get the fever down to 100, and went to the doctor. Doctor says it's the worst case of influenza she's seen in 'a long time,' and promptly put me on antivirals. Says it's just this side of pneumonia. (How on earth did this come on so quickly?)

The fever's already back up to 102. And I'm supposed to fly to New York on a biz trip on Thursday... :(
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Look at it this way - New York (and here, in D.C.) is expecting lousy weather. Convince yourself that you lucked out :-)

Feel better, and try to rest!