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[General] Life, the Universe and Everything

Have a few things sorted out that take some stress off of me. Have a story that I think is ready for submission, though I'm giving it a few more days before I mail it off.

Next week I leave for New York for the company's annual gathering. As usual, I have a day and a half or so after the company stuff is done to see New York for myself. (I fully intend to spend a decent chunk of that at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, in the antiquities collection.) But if anyone else has some ideas for things to see/do, let me know. Also, for friends, if there's something you'd like me to try and pick up for you in New York as a holiday gift, let me know and I'll do my best. I've been so drained lately that holiday gift ideas are just not coming to me so easily this time.

Had lunch with shadowfey and the beast, and caught up on a number of conversation topics with him. In about 45 minutes, I'm going to the stables with my dad and the puppy; time for the puppy to meet the horses and the Evergreen crew, and for dad to finally meet Roman. Plus, there'll be the usual riding demonstrations. I am, as last year, bringing a bushel of apples for the horses as my holiday contribution. :)
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