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FF Sparks (Out and About), Travel

[Random] Thank you, Captain Obvious!

In today's episode of "I Never Would Have Guessed," we see:

A container of "Charles' Triple-Coated Chocolate Almonds," described as "the best dark almonds, roasted to perfection before being coated in three types of chocolate.

And beneath that?

"Warning: Product may contain nuts."

I should bloody well hope so. I mean, I can understand being accomodating of allergies here, but... :P


Typically, chocolates and other candies are manufactured in the same plants. Trace amounts of nuts can travel between areas/facilities. Even though the actual amount might be quite small (infinitesmal, in fact), it can be enough to trigger fatal allergic reactions.

Facilities of this sort pretty much label /everything/ that comes out of the facility without distinguishing what the actual product is (ie, pure milk chocolate, or dark chocolate nougat with almonds, etc) to cover themselves legally and because it's actually easier to just go ahead and label everything without fail than to risk one box slipping through without the warning.

Yes, less amusing than the unexplained irony, but. :P
oh comeon!! haven't you heard about the new nutless-almonds!


i'm not going to touch this any further :P
Seen on a packet of peanuts:

Warning: Packaged in an environment where nut products are present.

Seen on the information panel on a block of cheese:

Warning: Contains milk.

The scary thing is that to a lot of people these days, that would actually be news.

And not forgetting ...

On a shrink-wrapped salmon fillet:

Warning: Contains fish.

<Dave_Barry>We are not making this up!</Dave_Barry>