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[Puppy] State of the Claire

It's been a while since I posted much about the puppy. I haven't taken any more really good digicam pics because I keep forgetting to have the Olympus with me. But I do have some pics from my phone...

At any rate, Claire is getting quite big. She's a little bratty at times, but is overall astonishingly well-behaved for a puppy. She has not lost the sociability of earlier posts, either: she still lets little toddlers pet her, and will happily stop to visit with other people and dogs. There are favorite stops on our walks, too: Trofeo (a little art gallery and frame shop where the owner, Sara, always pets and plays with her), Gypsy Trader (where she can see all the staff, and Mishka the German Shepherd), Subway (where they always give her two slices of turkey) and Railey's (a dog treats shop where they spoil her horribly with little bits of tripe and beef tendon and stuff). Walk near any one, and she pulls towards the door insistently.

I've also discovered that owning a dog, you suddenly become part of a sub-neighborhood. You get to know all the other dog owners -- maybe you don't remember their names, but you remember their dog's! -- and trade tips on the best places to walk, dog-friendly stores and so on. It's a sort of instant canine social circle.

Claire, meanwhile, is a bit of an odd eater. She gets "bored" with foods after a little while and wants variety. The vet's checked her over and says there's nothing wrong with her, she just is a curious dog with an appetite for new experiences. I've taken to mixing two dogfoods in different flavors and amounts, and that seems to work.

She's also on Squeaky Raccoon the Third. Squeaky Raccoon the First was finally pulled open. Squeaky Raccoon the Second lasted one week and then ended up AWOL, stashed who-knows-where. She also now has Squeaky Moose, a moose done in the same style. Squeaky Moose is even more fun, because you can fling him around the house by the antlers. Canada, beware!

So, now... pics!





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