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Writing, FF Sparks (Writing)

[Writing] New Journal, New Website

I've made myself an alexpiper LJ. Actually, I've had it for a while, but I just finally DID something with it. I've also got a website for my literarily-inclined alter ego as well, now.

(No, I won't stop posting writing stuff here. I'll just post it in less detail, and ramble more over in the alexpiper journal. I know a few folks have gotten sick of having random babbling about writing projects in here.)

Sleeeeeep now.


Watched the video for "Leaving New York" tonight, on a random whim, and thought of how your buying that song for me was what caused me to start thinking of you as a friend. And of all that's happened since then.

Funny what 99 cents can do, eh?
Friendships can start from small things, even if friendship itself isn't a small thing. :)

On which note, I hope things are going well?
I still don't get why people voluntarily read your journal and then complain that you write in it. :>
Neat website.. however, the LJ font is so tiny that I can barely read it. Is that you, or is it my PC?
LJ. Is that better? I've tried to tweak the style a little.