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[Creative] Enya and World-Building

Interestingly, singer Enya and her lyricist Roma Ryan have constructed a new language, along with a world/culture to go along with it, and three of the songs on her new album (including the one I'm listening to) are in this 'Loxian' language.

They were evidently inspired by having done songs in Sindarin for the Lord of the Rings movies. When making 'The River Sings,' they couldn't find a language that captured the 'feel' they wanted for the song... and so sat down and came up with a language, world and culture and re-wrote the song in that language and context.

Interesting, to say the least.
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There's a band, Sigur Ros, my brother likes who write all their songs in a language that they made up. I don't think they made up a world and culture though.

It's a novel approach to deciding the lyrics don't flow right. :)