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Writing, FF Sparks (Writing)

[Writing] Bioware Writing Contest

For writers who also know the Aurora (Neverwinter Nights) toolset, Bioware has a writing contest going on in cooperation with NWVault (who I used to write some of the module upload/update code for, and who I believe still offer my Riverdark Aurorascript libraries for download).

Basically, you have to write a story and create a short module for NWN (using the Aurora toolset) to show off your writing. However, the prize is a bit unique... a job at Bioware as a games writer.

Any writers out there who want to get into the games industry... hey, why not give it a shot?
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Actually, contest aside, creating a module in Aurora was formerly part of their application process for new writers (they also had a "have published writing" qualification that I don't meet, so I never tried).

Considering my prospects of getting into doctoral programs next year are looking fairly dismal, it's a shame I don't know or have access to Aurora. I'm not a terribly good writer when it comes to this stuff, but it'd be worth considering. Plus it'd be nice to win the job so I could thumb my nose at the company for not hiring me for another, non-writing position two years ago.
I know Aurora really well, and would probably be willing to help debug modules for folks who wanted to enter. But yeah, not having NWN (and thus Aurora) would be a problem.