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Writing, FF Sparks (Writing)

[Writing] What Ho, What Ho!

He had taken to ocean travel as naturally and as with as much aplomb as the average English housecat takes to being bathed.


And now he stood before the emperor of imperial China, hoping to beg a favor of hitherto unheard-of magnitude. Wainwright had often had nightmares like this before, though on reflection he was generally less clothed, and facing the college review board who -- at least to his knowledge -- lacked the authority to have him executed.

When a writer produces these two sentences within the space of a page, it is perhaps a sign that they have been reading a bit much P.G. Wodehouse. :P


I work at a company that names everything in reference to Douglas Adams. Of course I wouldn't be insulted. :)

However, I think Douglas Adams has something of Wodehouse to him to begin with.