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[Puppy] Winter Puppy Math

Dyi + Pwf = Dywh + Rwf
Where D is 'Dog,' y is 'young,' i is 'inquisitive,' P is precipitate, w is wet, f is frozen, h is happy and R is Rachel.

Young, curious dog + frozen wet precipitate = young, happy wet dog + wet and frozen Rachel. Or in other words? Walking the puppy in the snow leaves you frozen and cold.

See, Claire has never ever seen snow before. This meant snowflakes had to be pounced. Every. Single. Snowflake. Because since the previous one vanished when she tried to pounce it, clearly the NEXT one might be the one she could pin. Our five-minute walk around the block turned into a display of aerial dexterity, as Claire actually took to leaping INTO the air to try and catch snowflakes after realizing that they would melt when they touched the ground.

Now the soggy-doggy has had lunch and some treats and is half-napping, half-watching the snow through the window as it comes down even thicker. I've got a big mug of the spiced black tea agentanderson gave me last year to help thaw out, and incense burning in the holder as I get back to work and watch the snow out the window myself.

I'm not sure if I hope it sticks or not. When it sticks, it's very pretty. But if it sticks, there is almost zero chance of fighting my way across the bridge to ride this evening.
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