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[Life] Thanksgiving, Parts I and II

Well, Thanksgiving was nice. FJ's stayed past the dinner with grrm, and so got to -- in her words -- "observe Americans in their native holiday habitat." (Plus, she got turkey.)

The puppy quite loved my parents' house, especially the big back yard. (And the turkey.) And everyone in the extended family loved the puppy, too. She was very pleased with the holiday overall, and still has a bit of special leftover fried turkey liver. Mm, puppy-treats. I got to visit with Uncle Ron, who I don't see too often, and see my brother and his girlfriend again. We also did a bit of discussion over the dispersal of yet more items left from my grandmother's house.

Today was kind of round two; did some family errands in the morning, and then in the afternoon continued sorting out the remainder of things from the Manor Road house. Among those I got is a beautiful painting of the ancestral castle. It had been in the basement for far too long and had gotten damaged, but mom took it to a museum restoration place, and they fixed it up (and restored the frame). It's a truly lovely painting, and will be hanging in a place of honor in the house.

Still, it's also always a little sad to see the few remaining treasures of the Manor Road house (most were auctioned off earlier this year) being divvied up. Somehow, makes the loss of my grandmother a little more real again.

Got some more errands run this evening. Tomorrow, going to do some writing and drop FJ off to get her ride home. May take the puppy to the stables to meet horses. For now, pretty exhausted.


FJ's stayed past the dinner with [info]grrm, and so got to -- in her words -- "observe Americans in their native holiday habitat."

Reminds me of a couple of years ago, when I got to celebrate my very first Fourth of July, in my wife's home town in north Idaho. This is not an event that is observed back home in England, for obvious reasons :-)

It was a lot of fun. They still have a parade in the morning, and whilst my wife says it isn't as impressive as the ones she remembers from her childhood, I thought it was pretty cool. The fire trucks were especially good. All of the neighbouring fire districts were represented in the convoy of gleaming red fire trucks, and the firefighters got a big cheer from the crowds.

In the evening, we went down to the beach on the lakeshore for the firework display, which was also cool. In England, we have our big annual firework display on November 5th, when it is usually cold and wet. July is a much better time of year to go out at night and watch fireworks, in my opinion.

Everyone was very friendly, and despite the historical reasons for celebrating Fourth of July, nobody suggested that I -- as the sole English person present -- should be tarred and feathered and paraded round town in lieu of King George III. Which was also nice. Although my wife did advise me that it would be unwise to wave the Union Jack on the Fourth of July.

As to Thanksgiving, we do celebrate it in our Anglo-American household, and often with turkey, but this year we were playing host to an American student who is studying in London. She's a friend of my wife's family and it looked like she would be on her own at Thanksgiving, so we invited her up to Cambridge and took her to our favourite restaurant for a not-quite-traditional Thanksgiving dinner of chicken tikka biryani.