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Writing, FF Sparks (Writing)

[Geek] An Evening of Ice and Fire

The signing tonight at the U Bookstore was ludicrously crowded.

As background, when the third book came out, the signing at the U Bookstore had maybe 60 people (including me) sign up. So now -- five years later -- the bookstore management did not believe Duane when he said there would be a Much Bigger Crowd. As such, they didn't want to spend the money to use Kane Hall or the University Unitarian Church. 60 people last time, clearly it wouldn't be THAT many more.

It was more like 860. We broke fire code several times over. Half of the crowd couldn't hear the Q&A session. When we lined up for the signing, the line started at the table, wound around the entire second floor of the bookstore, went down the stairs, wound around the first floor, and came back UP the other stairs onto the second floor again. It was absolutely insane.

Somehow, in the chaos, I managed to track down everyone for the dinner party after getting my books (and one for seattlenick that he dropped off before leaving town) signed. After a quick consultation with Duane, I called the restaurant and moved the reservation from 10pm to 11pm. Then a number of us settled down in one corner to await the end of the signing. Vonda was crocheting more of her little fractal yarn creatures, and finished one while we were there; she gives these things out as gifts or little good-luck charms. She gave me the one she'd just finished, and fished a spare out of her bag for FJ.

Helped with camera-wrangling for people wanting pictures with George, helped run messages for Duane and Art a few times, and would then settle back down with everyone.

Finally the signing drew to a close near 11pm, and we gathered our little group. Vonda would take grrm in her car, FJ and I would go in Skuld, writersweekend would take her car, and Hank would help Duane and Art put away chairs and carpool to join us later. George was exceedingly pleased to discover we were going for Thai food; he loves Thai, and his favorite Thai restaurant back home had just closed.

(Let it not be said I do not do my research, though I did not know about the restaurant closure part.)

So we all arrived at Jai Thai. The food went over phenomenally well -- we ordered a TON of it, and Duane took many leftovers. The crab delights were particularly loved, but all the food was good. Pretty much everyone said they were definitely coming back there again. Between mouthfuls, Vonda and George shared book tour stories, horror tales of working with Hollywood on adaptations of stories, and many other writer anecdotes. I also learned that Vonda had really not been kidding; authors are often not fed very well on the book tours since everything is closed by the time they're done a signing. As such, the prospect of Real Honest To God Food, especially good Thai food, was one to make George quite happy.

At any rate, everyone had a good time. After an hour and a half (and $120 of Thai food!), we all parted ways. writersweekend took George back to his hotel on her way home, and I thanked the Jai Thai folks profusely. Said farewell to George, and went home.

Tired now. Must sleep...
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Vonda? Not Vonda McIntyre?
Vonda N. McIntyre, yes. (Her mother always wrote the name without a middle initial, so Vonda makes a point of doing it with so that she's not usurping her mother's name.) Why?


I am mad at him though. I just finished the book. WHAT HAPPENED TO ARYA? He cannot do this to us.

Did you like it? I didn't enjoy it quite as much as the first three. I think it's because by now, whenever anyone dies (or appears to die) this little voice in my head says, "Yeah, yeah, they're going to turn up alive again in the next book."
Dude. How many people get to say that they got to eat dinner after a book signing with Geroge R. R. Martin? Whom you are now just calling' George'. You suck. I'm moving in with you so that I can go to awesome book signings later. Okay? :)
I started the evening calling him "Mr. Martin." After about four times, he went, "It's 'George.' Please!"

So, George. :)
I have your Potter Book #2 back for you; thanks for the loan! When would be a good time to get it back to you? I can certainly drop it off at your convenience, and/or take you (with or without puppy) to tea. Let me know what works for you, and I'll work around that.
Sunday's probably best, if you've got it free. :)