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[Writing] Pen Ambulance Departs...

Well, my beloved Inflection has been loaded into the pen ambulance, and is journeying off to convalesce in the UK countryside for 3-4 weeks. The pen counter people were amused. Denis -- who knows me far too well -- jokingly commented about writing down 'Ink connector broken. Customer's soul, as well.' (I replied that the part of the repair order that read 'Please repair' should read 'Please repair quickly; customer is crying.')

Anyway, I picked up my shiny purple Cross ATX. (Denis joked that I was going to make the Inflection cry. I told him no pen could ever replace the Inflection, but that the Cross would receive much love as well.)

I also picked up a copy of Writer's Market 2006 while I was there. Now home briefly to feed dog, take her out, etc., since brent2005 has to cover a shift at Pagliacci's tonight. Then meeting up with seattlenick and we're off to pick up FJ at the bus station, so she can be here for the dinner with grrm on Monday.

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