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[Writing] Pen Casualty :'(

My beloved 'tranquil blue' Parker Inflection -- my first and favorite fountain pen, which I do the majority of my writing with -- took a dive off the desk, and this time when I changed out the cartridge, the ink feed system came with it. :(

Off to the U Bookstore to send the Inflection in for repairs. Parker's lifetime guarantee = teh win. And I have a shiny purple Cross ATX waiting for me, so I'll pick it up as a consolation prize.


That Inflection is my writing 'soul,' I think. Still, I have my Sonnet in the meantime, and a new Moleskine notebook to console me. And I need to buy a new bottle of ink soon, come to think of it.

Erm. No, I'm not kind of geeky when it comes to writing implements. Not at all. Why do you ask?
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