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[Geek] Random Comic Recommendations

Since haloedone had a webcomic recommendation post a while ago, I thought I'd toss a few out. So instead of the usual ones I point people towards, here are some recommendations for lesser-known webcomics.

Earthsong -- a comic about the spirits of worlds, and the children conscripted into the war between them.

Inverloch -- a comic about a young Dakor (beast-person) who takes on a quest to find a long-lost elven child... and maybe find himself along the way.

Fallen -- I... really have no idea how to describe this, and I wish it updated more often. But it is set in a dystopic near-future-seeming world, and involves a truly bad-tempered dragon who helped create the world and is now trapped in a child-body and forced to do errands for the deities who deposed her and her kind.

Cascadia -- three mages (and a infamous bandit who happens to be an expert archer) off on a quest to save the world.

Terinu -- the online edition of an excellent Australian print science fiction comic.

get_medieval -- an LJ-hosted webcomic detailing the hapless adventures of the deposed head of an interstellar mob (along with his trophy wife, son and assistant) after they crash on a backwards, medieval world -- namely, Earth.


I'm probably preaching to the choir here, but don't forget Ozy and Millie, bluerain's excellent webcomic which follows the antics and philosophical musings of two fox children and their friends and family.

I also recently discovered Two Lumps, a webcomic about the adventures of two cats named Ebenezer and Snooch and their perennial quest for pettins and gooshyfood. Anyone who's been owned by cats will recognise these two kitties. The authors say that they created the comic as a kind of anti-Garfield.

Then there's Sinfest, which has some similarities to O&M in that it follows the existential and personal problems of two main protagonists and it occasionally features a dragon. However, it parts company with O&M in having God and the Devil as regular characters and in its occasional sexual references. Parental discretion advised.
Yeah, but O&M is one of the ones I usually point people towards; as I said, I was trying to point at a few different ones than my normal. ;)
One of my rl friend, Mike, is the guy who won the bidding to be in Two Lumps. He's the guy that gets locked in the toilet with the cats at some party.
Hav eyou read No Rest for the Wicked (start)?
Actually, just discovered (and read all of) that one recently. It's certainly a unique comic, and has gotten added into my bookmarks.
Have to wonder if the mage guy in Cascadia is supposed to resemble Daniel Jackson from Stargate. :)
There are similarities in appearance and in personality. :D