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Static interlude

So, over the alien space flu my roommate was so terrified of, and feeling much happier and productive. I finished up my LiveJournal styles (at least first cuts) and am now going to have to work on my own mood-icons at some point.

I got some writing done while I was home sick, though it was otherwise an unproductive day. Work has been somewhat unproductive (we had a presentation for about 2 hours today), but it was an interesting presentation on a topic I did want to learn more about (circuit design philosophy... okay, so I am a geek... it pays well!). In general for the most part, it's a satisfying day.

It's interesting, really. I like to consider myself someone who likes to improve and innovate other things, but it's amazingly easy to become satisfied with stasis. Maybe I'm not as much of an innovator and adventurer as I like to think, in terms of where I want to go with things.

Interesting late lunch-break thoughts...
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