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Trillian, Work

[Work] Trillian Developers' Wiki

Well, the thing I've been working on for some time is finally done. The Trillian Developers' Wiki has gone live.

It's a wiki containing the Trillian plugin API (including 3.x, which hadn't been documented on the old version of the docs), and intended to provide a general place for Trillian Developer sorts to store reference information, sample code, and so on.

I now know a lot more about Mediawiki templates than I ever wanted to. But I'm pretty pleased with how the thing came out!

Whew. Backed it all up, too, before I posted the announcement to the Trillian forums. Just in case someone decides to try and deface it or whatever.
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saw you...

in the Astra changelogs and thought I'd say "HI!" I can't wait for Astra! I signed up for the Alpha.

I feel like Donkey in Shrek: "Ooo! Ooo! Pick me! Pick me!"

Re: saw you...

We're pretty pleased with how Astra is coming along, even though it's still an early alpha! We had to rebuild the entire core, and now we're into the fun (if busy) part. :)

Re: saw you...

* pleading blinky eyes * can I help?

As a tester, I have to say...

I'm pretty pleased, too...and you may pass this along. Trillian is one of the applications that has survived the test of time for me--despite competition in the "IM aggregator" space, and despite the IM services doing their best with their own single-service clients, and even the more recent IM service fusions, Trillian has been the right choice for me. 3.1, though, was starting to show its age--not enough for me to switch, but certainly I was thrilled to see the next generation come through.

I'm about to download the latest build of the Alpha. Can't wait to read the changelog and see what else has come online in the last few weeks.