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Trillian, Work

[Work] Trillian Developers' Wiki

Well, the thing I've been working on for some time is finally done. The Trillian Developers' Wiki has gone live.

It's a wiki containing the Trillian plugin API (including 3.x, which hadn't been documented on the old version of the docs), and intended to provide a general place for Trillian Developer sorts to store reference information, sample code, and so on.

I now know a lot more about Mediawiki templates than I ever wanted to. But I'm pretty pleased with how the thing came out!

Whew. Backed it all up, too, before I posted the announcement to the Trillian forums. Just in case someone decides to try and deface it or whatever.
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That is seriously awesome. The one thing I love about MediaWiki is the ability to enforce revision control. :) Great job with it, though!