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[Silly] Final Fantasy Sparks

While waiting for some server upgrades at work, I checked out the little avatar site that tammabanana found. It's an online design site for avatars for the Gaia's Dream forum RPG. Still, funny.

My day-to-day outfits...

Something girly...

And tinkering a'la mad scientist girl! ;)


How cute!!! I really like the scientist girl one :D.

By the way, your hair is such a pretty color :).
Hrm... who does that scientist girl remind me of... Oh yeah! Chrono Trigger... the purple haired girl. Or are all final fantasy scientists given old flight helmets?
Lab goggles are standard issue for all mad-scientist genius girls, pretty much. Anime or otherwise.

The flight helmet just helps keep hair out of the way when violating laws of man and god. ;)