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Puppy, Claire

[Puppy] My Dog Is Strange

Claire is addicted to rice cakes.

Yes, you read that right. Rice cakes.

See, since I'm trying to eat semi-healthy, I've got these little rice-cake snacks. They're flavored with apple juice and cinnamon, so they taste really good, but they're still just little potato-chip-sized (or "crisp-sized," for rachuk and caggles) rice cakes.

And I dropped one on the floor by mistake the other day, and Claire snorfed it up. Her eyes got wide, and she danced around in circles all around the kitchen making little 'glee!' noises.

Now, whenever she hears the rice cake bag rustle, she comes TEARING into the kitchen and dances about madly, bouncing up and down and trying to climb the kitchen counter to get the rice cakes.

My puppy is odd.


she must be japanese... they have mastered the art of making お煎餅
Actually, these ARE kind of like apple cinnamon senbai, you're right.

But the dog is Welsh, being a Welsh Corgi. (Or possibly Egyptian, since her registered name is Cleopatra.)
I'm sure she's happy to share her kibble with you :-)

My cat is stranger than your dog

My black cat eats onion bhajis.
It seems obvious that your dog must be the reincarnated spirit of one of the corgis that attended the Queen on a visit long ago to colonial India.

The tea thing, now rice cakes. You should test her out with curries just to be sure and try photos of elephants to see if she recognises them.

You should test her out with curries

Our bhaji-eating cat has shown an interest in curries, and she's a notorious table-scrapper who would happily help herself if she thought she could get away with it, but I'm the one who has to empty her litter-tray, so we have a strict "no curries for kitties" rule.
your dog is addicted to food. :P

she knows that the crinkle means food. :) It's very pavlovian. :P
Oh, I know. But it's a matter of degree.

She's not interested in the sound of the kibble bag, or of kibble into the dish. She's only moderately interested in the sound of the fridge door, despite the fact that she knows her yogurt is in there (and will scratch at the fridge when she's hungry). The microwave, which she knows food comes out of, vaguely interests her, but not to this degree.

But rustle the rice cake bag, and she's in the kitchen dancing around, bouncing up to try and stand on her hind legs with eyes all a-gleam with hope.
Special userpic based on Misty's comment for you. :D
My puppy back home was an anorexic saluki named Alex. Which is scary since salukis (greyhound family) are already so darn skinny. She would gobble up grapes of all things. Actually, probably any people food that was handed to her. But grapes? At least there's already rice in half of all dried dog food....
My friend Shawn has a greyhound that steals all her grape tomatoes off the plant - it took her awhile to figure out who was eating them - she'd go out to pick the ripe ones, only they'd already been snatched!
Oh yeah! We've got some family friends who have a half saint bernard, half labrador that will run through their garden and eat all the raspberries she can snag. But only if there are people out there picking them and putting them in a bucket. She's trying to help! Just forgetting not to eat them... *chuckles*
I used to have a cockapoo who would eat cherry tomatoes off of the plant. It was easy to deduce the culprit - considering the laxative effect of the seeds.
Hey, are dogs allowed to eat human food? I mean I know friends that feed them that all the time, but my god dog's owner is very picky and only feeds my god dog human grade dog-food or raw meat and stuff.

Just curious.
For years, one of my uncle's dogs used to do dances and leap over small children for french fries. At least your puppy likes something a little healthier! :)

(Rice cakes won't hurt her, either... there's enough rice in most kibble that it's not much different in that regard. The only thing I'd be concerned about is her salt and sugar intakes via rice cake, and if it's a non-sugar, low-sodium rice cake, you're pretty safe there, too.)