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[Girly] Makeup Experiment

So, I've had a bad week. And next weekend, I have to meet with editors and all kinds of stuff. So I decided to go get makeup and actually try to be kind of girly. Normally, I wear at most lip gloss and a bit of mascara, and more often just Chapstick. :P

So I went and did the consultation, found out all my colors. Whoot!

So here are two pictures...

At computer (800x600 JPEG)
Head shot (800x600 JPEG)

I feel weirdly girly. But I think these colors work for me. (Even if they make me look about 18.) And this is even the sweater I'll be wearing next week when I meet with the editors. So!
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I went to the Cliniqué counter, 'cause I like hypo-allergenic non-scented makeup. And in those shots, I'm wearing: foundation, eye shadow (two shades), eyeliner, mascara, blush, lip gloss, and lipliner.

All of them are very subtle colors, save the lip gloss ('Tender Heart') and lipliner ('Honeystick').
I wonder if they'd help me at the Clinique counter.
I'd assume so, honestly.