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[Girly] Makeup Experiment

So, I've had a bad week. And next weekend, I have to meet with editors and all kinds of stuff. So I decided to go get makeup and actually try to be kind of girly. Normally, I wear at most lip gloss and a bit of mascara, and more often just Chapstick. :P

So I went and did the consultation, found out all my colors. Whoot!

So here are two pictures...

At computer (800x600 JPEG)
Head shot (800x600 JPEG)

I feel weirdly girly. But I think these colors work for me. (Even if they make me look about 18.) And this is even the sweater I'll be wearing next week when I meet with the editors. So!
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Actually, those stockings work really well for you; you have good legs for them! I hope the 31st went well?

Thank you! And yeah, had fun.
Cool! I still need to drag you to the Fremont market someday, but... well, in this rain, a lot of the vendors are packing it in for the year. It'll be better in the spring again, though it's still fun even in the rain. :)

(Also, if you're ever up this way again, I /still/ mean to get the original of at least one strip from you. Though, er, I've changed my mind on which one. As a prospective writer and all, certain recent Millie strips...) ;)