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Puppy, Claire

[Puppy] Pictures

Put up a few more pictures of the puppy in the gallery.

(And this'll be the last post for a while, until the next riding post. Promise!)


My, what big ears she has to grow into. And I see she's reached the climbing stage. Has mommy had a heart failure over that yet? :)
So cute! I want one.

Except I'm moving into an apartment where it would cost 500 bucks to keep a puppy. *sniffs* IF they even allow more than just fish and cats.
I know this is a bit off topic but we had that discussion about music downloading and such...

How do you feel about one of the more recent posts in ghibli? that somedaymusic journal with all the OST's for ghibli films and others?
I think it's a bad thing; I would much prefer to buy the CDs and see Studio Ghibli benefit... even if they only see a small percentage of the purchase price, it's still money towards them.

But I also am coming to the conclusion that this is not a fight I'll win; I can keep telling people to buy things instead of just downloading them, but no one particularly listens. And I guess on some level, I'm tired of feeling as though I'm tilting at windmills on that topic.
I'm tired of feeling as though I'm tilting at windmills on that topic.

Nice reference there. And i agree with you on that, i think of the internet a lot of how the west was settled in america...it was wild for a while but eventually things evolved and adpated and it calmed down...i think we will see the same with music piracy.
I happen to agree with you, though I am guilty of the occasional backsliding (mostly with movies and unlicensed anime); I get odd looks from most of my buddies here in town when I try to explain to them that you get a lot more out of buying your music than just the songs. Guess maybe that's just me.

Also - your puppy is so disgustingly cute it should be illegal. amurderofcrows will never let me hear the end of it, but I'm gonna have to get me a Corgi pup the next time I move.