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Aang (Sad)

[Obit] Keith Parkinson

I forgot to post this last week, so probably most folks who would care have already heard it, but... what the heck.

Keith Parkinson passed away on Wednesday, October 26th, after a two year battle with leukemia.

Keith Parkinson, for those who don't recognize the name, was a very prolific and well-known fantasy artist. You've probably seen his artwork, even if you don't recognize it. He did the covers for Katherine Kerr's Deverry novels, for Weis and Hickman's Death Gate Cycle, for many of Terry Brooks' Shannara novels (and the Magic Kingdom of Landover books, too), C.J. Cherryh's Russian fairy-tale fantasies, a number of David Eddings' books and all of Terry Goodkind's 'Sword of Truth' books. He illustrated tons of Dungeons and Dragons modules, as well.

You can view his gallery still at http://www.keithparkinson.com/


Well, I'm not really familiar with the art, but in general people dying tends to be a bad thing.

Wonder if I've seen any in any of my D&D stuff and just not noticed? It the 1.x/2.x pre-d20 stuff, the 3.x d20 stuff, or some of each? Almost all I have is d20 or compatible.

A d12 is a good D&D userpic for me, I tend to play half-orc barbarians with big axes, and most of the bg axes I've used roll d12. And it's usually my character's HP die when they level, too. Well, enough of my rambling for now.
He's been doing D&D art for ages, right on up to 3rd edition. If you check his gallery, you'll probably recognize the style from covers of modules and so on.
Also, the 'look and feel' of Everquest, which was deliberately designed to be reminiscent of the 'Glory Days' D&D artwork, was based on Keith Parkinson's artwork.