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FF Sparks (Casual)

[Music] Lars' guitar music

Some of you (kieri, shadowfey, wonderwombat) have met Lars Mortensen. He's one of the baristas at the local coffee shop where I do all my writing; he's also my most loyal pre-reader of my stories. ;)

Outside of being a barista, Lars also performs locally under the name 'Laconic.' He's a guitarist, but has the unusual technique of playing backup for himself. This is because he has sampling equipment, and before he begins a song he will play a line or sing a chorus, link it to a pedal, and then begin the song using the sampling pedals to play his own backup lines as needed.

At any rate, Lars finally has his website up, and has a bunch of his music up for download. It's very easy-going, laid-back music -- as you'd kind of expect from someone who performs under the name 'Laconic!" -- if a little alternative in some ways.

And I told him I'd plug the site to my friends now that it's up. So... [ insert 'plug' here! ]

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Very cool. You know the ihop on the ave? Best spot to hang out, my friend and i go there for writing and discussion..tons of fun.

Your friend sounds awesome, i hope to check him out sometime.