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Puppy, Claire

[Puppy] Security Teddy...

Aaw. I was about to go upstairs and go to bed, when I heard the puppy crying. I went to see what was wrong, and realized she didn't have all her toys with her. So I went hunting others, and found squeaky raccoon still in her living room den.

When I brought raccoon to her, she immediately curled up around him and fell fast asleep. I guess he's not only a chew toy, he's a teddy bear/security blanket...

(And bluekitsune got to meet Claire via videoconferencing tonight!)


Is that the puppy in the picture? SO CUTE! What kind of puppy? (I just found you, sorry if this has been repeated a zillion times.)
Yep, that's the puppy. Her name is Claire. In that userpic picture, she's 10 weeks old; she's just about to turn 13 weeks old now. She's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, but unlike most corgis (which have short, coarse fur) she has long, soft fur; this is a sub-type of corgi called a 'fluffy,' and because she's a fluffy she's ineligible to show in the breed class.

Not that I care. I didn't get her to show. :)
Beau brings a toy (or three) to bed every night. Even though he sleeps with me.

Usually, it's his frog. Sometimes it's his little rectangular leopard print thing or his big yellow duck. Balls are usually included in this, too.

I'm not sure if the balls are considered a security blanket or a necessity, though, given what a freak he is.