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[Life] Manic Monday...

Well, was a busy day today, to say the least.

Work, of course, dominated most of the main 'day.' Though I took a break from code long enough to video-chat with my boss, and introduce him to the puppy. He played barking and meowing noises over the video chat to make the puppy look around, and thought she was very cute. Then, back to work.

My mom and aunt Sally showed up for lunch, as tomorrow doesn't work for them. The puppy had already been out for about two and a half hours at that point (and had her lunch), and we took her along at lunch for the walk. The folks at Subway, who hadn't really all met her yet, thought she was adorable... and foisted a packet of turkey lunch meat off on us as a treat for her.

Puppy was VERY interested in the lunch meat.

When we ate lunch, I tore up the first piece of turkey and fed it to her little bits at a time. She wolfed it down. The second piece, I started to pick up to tear up... and it slipped, and landed within reach. SNORF! The puppy just about inhaled it, and looked VERY contented. Took her home, handed her over to her Uncle Brent for a little while, and finished up work.

Then I went with my mom to do some shopping. See, since last December, I've managed to lose 60 pounds (yay!). However, this means that none of my clothes fit properly anymore (boo!). Mom offered to buy me new clothes, as a gift since I'm actually going to writer things, have an editing workshop in two weeks, and so on. So we went and picked out a couple hundred dollars of clothes (including a sweater I absolutely adore), and I am feeling much happier about the state of my wardrobe.

Then home again, to feed trick-or-treaters (and a puppy), and to try and bake cookies. Fear me, for I am making butterscotch from scratch! Rawr!
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