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Puppy, Claire

[Puppy] Argh...

Claire has found a new game.

It's called 'pick up our kibble one bite at a time, and drop it in the water-dish. Wait until the water-dish is filled with kibble-oatmeal, then slam a paw down on the edge of the dish and flip the gooey stuff all over the kitchen. Romp and play and eat and watch mommy go AAAAARGH.'

This game is best played while mommy is cooking, so that you have a minute or two free in order to dump the kibble into the dish and get it mooshy, before she notices and tries to stop you.



Have you tried putting Claire's water dish in a different part of the house? Our cats have their kibble in the kitchen but the water bowl is upstairs. But then, cats tend to prefer their water to be somewhere else than their food.

Failing that, I suspect that tough love is called for. Every time Claire does the mooshy kibble trick, you don't re-fill the kibble bowl. She will quickly learn that the mooshy kibble trick means a hungry puppy.
Her water dish and food bowl are in different places; the water dish is in the kitchen by the door onto the patio, the food bowl is in her little 'den' (the crate lined with towels et al).

She picks up a mouthful of kibble, painstakingly carries it over to the water bowl, and spits it out into there.

I didn't refill the kibble; she got only about 2/3 of a normal helping tonight (what she'd eaten before the mooshy kibble trick), and was exceedingly unhappy about this. Hopefully as a result, we shall not see a repeat of the Mooshy Kibble Trick.

She's a very clever puppy, overall. She figured out yesterday how to climb onto the (very low) couch, grab the quilt, pull it off the couch, pile it up ramp-like near something, and then climb up the piled quilt to reach whatever she couldn't before. This startled mommy when she returned from the bathroom and discovered a puppy was up on the side table trying to drink mommy's tea...

She's a very clever puppy, overall.

I've long since resigned myself to the fact that my cats are smarter than me. After all, they get to lie on the bed all day, and I have to go to work to fund their luxury lifestyle and catnip habit.

Yes, I know my place in this house :-)
I've been digging through my brain trying to remember how we busted a kitten from the same habbit, and for the life of me, I can't remember... AHH! There it is.

We used a heavy pottery dish the local pet shop called a 'snake bowl' - shaped just like those plastic doggy dishes with the slopped sides, these things are nearly impossible to tip, and with the addition of some rubber strips on the bottom, absolutely impossible to scoot along the floor.

The kitten didn't appreciate floaties in the water and stopped doing it after a short time.
I am trying not to point and laugh. Really. But after surviving one toddler who thought it amusing to dump all his food on top of his head just to hear the horrified shrieks of the grown-ups in the house.. :)
Best game ever! ;)

I'm glad mine just grabs mouthfuls of food and brings them into the living room so he can eat them and watch me at the same time.